The White Horse Tavern Vs Jamestown FiSH: Who Has The Best Video? (Poll)

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Watch these beautiful videos and let us know who did it better…

Newport’s White Horse Tavern has just released a…well, commercial is probably the correct term but it hardly does it justice…by Michael Osean and it’s simply beautiful. Take a minute to watch it here…

Now, not to overshadow the bride on her wedding day, we’re reminded of another cinematic experience we saw a few months back, from another critically acclaimed restaurant, just a short drive across the Newport Bridge (or you can take the ferry): Jamestown FiSH.

It’s a great matchup. The oldest tavern in the country versus the young upstart from the wrong(or right, depending) side of the tracks. Both receive great press from around the country and the world. Both have beautiful locations. Neither are cheap. Both were rated by Wine Spectator as having “Extraordinary Wine Lists”. Both of their chefs are amazing.

We love both spots, so like Richard Williams watching Venus play Serena, we’re just going to let this play out and leave it to you, our readers to determine who comes out on top.

Who’s going to be the real winner? Us, the restaurant-going public, for having two great spots (well, quite a few more, actually) so close.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Restaurant Correspondent

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