There Is One Drink That Everyone Needs To Try This Summer

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It’s pretty rare that the universal reaction to a first sip is “HOLY SH*T!”

beers-yearround2We were up at an “industry” beer-fest a couple months ago, when Erik from Bridge Liquors asked “Have you tried it yet?”
“The root beer.”
“Do it. NOW!”

So we walked over to the table where they were serving samples of Not Your Father’s Root Beer…with Erik right behind me.
“I want to see the expression on you face,” he explained.

So I got a sample and took a sniff. It smelled like root beer. Not root-beer-flavored beer. Not root-beer-flavored anything. Just root beer.

That’s promising.

And then I drank my sample and…”HOLY SH*T!!!”
“Yep,” said Erik, grinning.

The stuff is 5.9% abv and it tastes pretty much exactly like root beer. You can chug it like you’re chugging a soda. Even people who don’t like root beer want to drink it…because people who don’t like root beer generally still prefer root beer to the taste of…well, real beer.

There’s a “but”…

Not Your Father’s Root Beer does have one tiny weakness, however. Ice-cold it tastes exactly like root beer. If you leave it around and let it warm up a bit, it starts to taste…not bad…but a bit like someone poured vanilla extract into it.

So it goes from being a near-perfect soda clone to a less-perfect, but still easily drinkable soda clone.


So what we’ve described to you is an alcoholic beverage that goes down very easily…and is best consumed quickly.

That’s hardly the best combination for good judgement if you’ve got a 6-pack in the fridge.

Also, keep this away from your kids.

Our Recommendation

Don’t drink more than one or two a night. Switch back over to “regular” beer or cocktails or Jameson on the rocks or whatever suits your fancy. We could very easily see someone buying a case of this root beer for their own consumption, overdoing it and then never wanting to drink it…or regular root beer ever again.

It’s just a moderation thing.

What you want to do is buy a case…and let each of your friends try a bottle and wait for the “HOLY SH*T!”

It currently available in Newport at Bridge Liquors and other fine liquor stores. Pour Judgement has it and other bars are starting to get it in. Tavern on Broadway offers an “ice cream float” option.

The White Horse Tavern offers theirs with bourbon ice cream, crushed chocolate malt balls and candied bacon.

White Horse Tavern Root Beer Float


We’re looking forward to watching this arms race escalate.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Beer Correspondent

Tristan's just this guy, ya know?