The Only Thing Stupider Than Powdered Alcohol Is Its Prohibition

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The Rhode Island General Assembly just banned powdered alcohol at the same time it’s considering the legalization of marijuana.

A few years back, some scientists figured out how to make powdered alcohol. Basically, they use a bonding agent that the alcohol molecules attach themselves to to create the powder. A company called Lipsmark LLC is bringing this product to market as Palcohol. Or, at least, they’re trying. Rhode Island just joined twenty-seven other states that have banned the product based on…well, nothing but the paranoid fears that teenagers might snort the stuff.

The thing is, powdered alcohol is a rather inefficient means to get intoxicated.

Snorting is a dumb way to “do” alcohol.

palcohol powdered alcoholYes, it’s possible to snort Palcohol, just as it’s possible to snort liquid alcohol. We can snort all sorts of things, but only with a few select drugs is it the preferred method of ingestion. Making it into a powder doesn’t turn alcohol into cocaine. More importantly, snorting alcohol is, to the best of our understanding, an extremely uncomfortable experience. Would you snort hand sanitizer? In addition, snorting alcohol won’t really make you drunker than drinking it. It will get some alcohol to the brain faster than drinking it, but not nearly enough to get drunk.

In order to enjoy the intoxicating effects of alcohol, one needs to have a certain amount in their bloodstream. For a 200 lb man, we’re talking 3-4 shots (~2-300ml) of vodka worth. There’s a term for having 3-4 shots worth of liquid shoved up your nose. That term is waterboarding. Making alcohol into a powder isn’t going to make that process any easier.

If you don’t believe us, go in your kitchen, measure out 1 Cup of flour, pour it out on the counter, then pull out your credit card and start cutting lines. We’ll wait.

Finally, please explain how someone is going to get that much powder up their nose…when it burns painfully every time you have a sniff.

Powdered alcohol is the solution to a non-existent problem.

At the Palcohol website, they explain where the idea for the product came from.

Why create Palcohol? Mark is an active guy…hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, etc. After hours of an activity, he sometimes wanted to relax and enjoy a refreshing adult beverage. But those activities, and many others, don’t lend themselves to lugging heavy bottles of wine, beer or spirits. The only liquid he wanted to carry was water.

Now if you’re going to lug around water all day with the intent of making an alcoholic beverage with it later, isn’t it just simpler to carry an alcoholic beverage already pre-mixed? Likewise, if the weight of the beverage container is a problem, wouldn’t that be an easier problem to tangle with?

Discover a portable form of alcohol that already exists!


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