This Car Ad Will Make Every English Teacher Cringe

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Grammar? Spelling? A Craigslist car salesman craves not these things.

There’s a lot of debate in this county about the state of education. There’s the question of how much should be spent per pupil. There’s a whole lot of screaming about Federal programs like “No Child Left Behind” and “Common Core”, how much emphasis should be placed on standardized testing…and so on.

Then you see something like this and wonder if some kids should just be sent to work in the factories after failing the 1st grade.

Hondaaaa Odyssey Ad

Here’s that description again:

Honda odyssey 2006 run great
Is leather seat. Have DVD is Clean
Inside no rips no liks brake is ok
Have Camara the Reverse Moonroof
economic for gas Nise minivan
Have good motor now. running great Call
call my now

There are a few possibilities here.Borat Very Nice

  1. Aquidneck Island native Charlie Day is testing out new material.
  2. Borat has moved to Long Island.
  3. Some young children really hate their parents’ minivan.
  4. It’s an attempt at suicide-by-english-teacher.
  5. Someone is legitimately trying to sell a leather seat with a reverse moonroof and a DVD titled “is Clean”.
  6. Everything Sox fans say about New Yorkers is true.

Regardless, we had a very nice weekend. Now we weep for humanity.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Grammar Correspondent

Tristan's just this guy, ya know?