THIS JUST IN: Cliff Walk One Of The Great Places In America

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American Planning Association names Newport’s favorite hike one of the 10 Great Public Spaces.

Tell a Newporter how how beautiful the Cliff Walk is and you’ll probably get a cheerful “Thank you” followed by an under-the-breath “We know.” After all, there is an awful lot of overlap between the characteristics that make people to visit Newport and those that make people want to live here, the biggest being “It’s beautiful”.

Especially the Cliff Walk.

The Cliff Walk has the kind of scenery that’s so beautiful it can be used to diagnose your inner-most feelings. Walk it alone and you may find yourself perfectly content…or you may feel a burning desire to share what you’re seeing with someone special.

It’s that desire to share that leads to so many marriage proposals on the walk. Red Sox 3rd Baseman Will Middlebrooks had the means to propose to former NESN sideline reporter Jenny Dell anywhere in the world, but when it came to plopping a massive rock on her finger, Middlebrooks chose the Cliff Walk as the spot to do it.

We Newporters can appreciate the great taste and judgement of the American Planning Association in their selection of the Cliff Walk as a great place to visit, but such accolades only tell us what we already know…our city is a beautiful place and everyone should want to visit (if not move) here.


Tristan Pinnock, Blast Scenery Correspondent

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