This Time-Lapse Video Is The Perfect Way To Remember This Past Winter

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It’s short, beautiful and doesn’t feel like -29º Fahrenheit.

Like most events that can be described as “enduring misery” the winter of 2015 is one that most of us will likely put behind us. As time passes, most of our memories will polish off the experiences, removing the worst parts and amplifying the positives to create what we call “nostalgia”. Whether it was snowmobiling up Broadway during Juno or cuddling with our winter cling, we all have moments (literally moments) of the last two months we’d like to remember.

Fortunately, Tyler Leno has created the perfect video to capture the winter we’re just starting to escape from. In comparison to the actual winter, this is just a minute long and all sorts of beautiful. While you’re watching it, there’s no reminders that “temperatures can cause frostbite to exposed skin in less that 15 minutes” and there’s no “thud” as your body crashes down on the rock hard ice as you try to shovel out your car.

And for that, we thank him.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Winter Correspondent

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