This Week’s Weather Is About To Get Very January

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January Cold WeatherTemperatures are about to plunge, due mostly to something called “winter”.

After a rather mild weather through the holidays, winter is about to get very real for Newport with brutal sub-freezing temperatures arriving on Monday and sticking around through next Sunday.

For those Newporters who have seized the opportunity of the winter slowdown to head to warmer locales, feel free to pat yourselves on the back for booking timely flights. For those of you who haven’t, try not to be too jealous of those who have skipped town to work on their tans…and certainly don’t punch them in their bronzed little faces when they come back and want to tell you what a great time they’ve just had.

January Cold Weather 2Everyone grab their winter clings and start planning your Netflix binges accordingly. In a perfect world, everyone would be caught up on Sherlock, but we have to assume that a few of you are a bit behind, so please, fix that.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Meteorological Correspondent

Tristan's just this guy, ya know?