This Winter’s Essential Accessory: LED Skisuits

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Too Dark To Go Helicopter Skiing? Not Anymore

Someone somewhere had a problem. There they were, helicopter skiing for the Nᵗʰ time, when they realized that they were missing out on a whole lot of skiing because they generally do it in winter, when the days are shortest, meaning that they were missing out on a whole lot of the 24 hour day, what with night taking up so much of it.

So that person, being the type who goes helicopter skiing (and probably taking some inspiration from Spies Like Us)…

Spies Like Us Snow Lights Distraction


…decided to make ski suits out of LEDs and film a few pro skiers hot dog all over the Canadian and Alaskan wilderness in pitch black conditions in some kind of bid to make Red Bull jealous that they hadn’t thought of it first.

Anyway, this video serves as a reminder that, as much as it might not feel like it in Newport, there is life after the summer.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Winter Technology Correspondent

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