Get Thomas Tew Shipped To You!

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Bridge Liquors is selling Thomas Tew Rum on their online store.

Thomas Tew Rum has made its mark in Newport. Newport Distilling Co. is the first distillery to grace the city with its presence in about 150 years. The rum got shot into fame and fortune in 2011 when Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe premiered an episode titled “Rum Distiller” that was filmed at their location at 293 JT Connell Highway. Today, you can tour the distillery and sample Thomas Tew through different parts of the the creation process…or if you live far, far away where the rum isn’t available at your local liquor store, you can order it online and get it shipped to you.

Bridge Liquors recently created an online store which allows folks who can’t make it to Rhode Island to purchase one of Newport, RI’s most famous local exports. How do you go about ordering a bottle or ten? Well, you just click the following link:

Buy Thomas Tew Rum

That will take you to a page where you’ll see this…

If it’s not self-explanatory, you enter how many dozens of bottles you want and then click “Add To Cart”. Once you’ve finished filling your cart, click “View Cart”, then “Calculate Shipping”. Toss in your state and ZIP code and you’ll be given your FedEx shipping options. Then head on over to checkout, fill out your shipping and billing info and a few days later, your very own Thomas Tew will be shipped to you.

Then you’ll be able to enjoy your very own taste of Newport.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Rum Correspondent

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