Tickets Are Now Available For The Best Super Bowl Party In Newport!

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…and they’re going to go fast!

The Super Bowl is one of those events where every bar in Newport takes a different take on it. Some just close. Others open as usual and hope for the best. A few offer a free buffet or, like Speakeasy did a few years back, a chance to overdose on bacon.

But one Newport bar goes all-in on the Super Bowl…but only allows in customers who are willing to go all-in with them.

Tickets are now available for Pour Judgement’s 10th Annual Super Bowl Party.

PJ Super Bowl Chalkboard

For $35, you’re guaranteed a seat, generous portions of passed apps (and each table gets its own buffet), entry into a raffle whose prizes include hoodies, Bose speakers and a big flatscreen TV…and the most enthusiastic crowd in Newport (especially if the Patriots are playing).

If you’re interested, please realize that this event sells out every year, so head on down to 32 Broadway and get your tickets ASAP. If you have any questions, give PJs a call at (401)619-2115.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Football Correspondent

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