The Time A Cop Was There When We Needed Them

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Reading, PA police officer proves the exception to the rule.

It turns out that armed robbery is a lot like telling a racist joke; you want to take a look around before you get things started. Unfortunately for Victor Martinez-Herrera (but fortunately for the Reading, PA community), the 18 year old didn’t do that, so when the thug put his gun to the head of a taxi driver, he didn’t realize he was whipping his pistol out in plain view of the police officer sitting in traffic directly behind them.

Deputy Terry Ely got an easy law enforcement slam dunk. Not only did he witness the crime taking place, there’s also video from inside the taxi, which means whoever the defense attorney that Martinez-Herrera ends up with is going to want to kill themselves for being so incredibly stupid. Here is an artist’s impression of the prosecutor approaching the bench…


Nothing says “Put me away for a really, really long time” like committing armed robbery right after you’ve gotten out of high school.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Taxi Correspondent

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