That Time Forbes Named Newport, RI One Of America’s Prettiest Towns

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Who are we to disagree about Newport’s beauty?

Forbes came up with a list of America’s prettiest towns and (spoilers alert!) Newport starts the list. The article explaining how the list was compiled, but mostly talks about how they love Newport.

There’s a good reason Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy chose Newport, Rhode Island, for summer escapes by the water. First, consider the draw of one of the most enchanting stretches of shoreline on the East Coast, a seascape best viewed when traveling down the ten-mile twist of Ocean Drive. Then there’s Newport’s time-traveling charm, its ability to whisk you away to other periods in American history by way of colonial-era homes and Vanderbilt mansions.

To designate Newport and the rest of America’s most picturesque towns, we called on recommendations by experts from the Travel Channel, National Geographic, the author of a book about towns in the Northwest, and Fodor’s. Some locales have changed considerably in the last few decades, while others have remained the same for centuries. All offer not only aesthetic reward, but also memorable activities and destinations nearby.

It’s nice to have an outsider’s perspective every once in a while to remind us of what we’re taking for granted. This listicle was published in March of 2012, but nothing has changed. We have to give author John Giuffo credit in that he did far more research than most other website writers who toss Newport into their lists of “America’s Top _____ Towns”

Like a town stuck in time but with the occasional hole in the space-time continuum to allow for modern touches, Newport, with its stunning harbor and bevy of old homes, is the quintessential New England town. Newport’s fame began as a 19th century summertime visitors’ magnet of a town, and it still reliably draws in clusters of visitors, both for the daytime shopping, eating, and sightseeing options. At night, one of the town’s many music festivals or varied collection of bars draws in local students and stalwart party goers for good times that can run late and loud. But the town itself is chief among American small towns in the category of most well-preserved colonial homes and Gilded-Age mansions – a testimony to its tony residential reputation, and to its history as the summer destination of choice from 1953 until around 1963. It is also the location of an important collection of naval training centers.

A brick Georgian-style Old Colony House dating from 1741, a National Historic Landmark used in the Steven Spielberg film ‘Amistad,’ on Washington Square in Newport, Rhode Island.

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