Tiverton Pranksters Can’t Cover Their Tracks

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Dummy in Nonquit Pond drew emergency response, charges.

Back on February 27th, two Tiverton men decided to have some fun with the massive amount of ice that had built up on Nonquit Pond by sticking a pair of dummy legs out of it. It was all fun and games until a full rescue detail showed up, suspecting it could be the body of a suicidal student who’d jumped off the Mt. Hope Bridge days before.

Discovering they’d been pranked, it didn’t take long for authorities to figure out who’d done it. ABC6 reports:

Erick Hartnett, 29, and Mitchell Hartnett, 20, are each charged with false fire/police alarm with intent and vandalizing.

The two men planted the dummy in Nanaquaket Pond and wrote “Mitch” and “EH” in the snow around it, according to police. They were able to arrest the suspects after finding footprints in the snow that matched those outside a house they were in across the street.

Tiverton Pranksters

We’re guessing these guys hadn’t heard reports of a Worcester bar robbery suspect who was nabbed through similar policework just two weeks before. While it’s not a great idea to give tips to society’s delinquents, it could be suggested that they not live within line of sight of the scenes of their crimes.

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-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Footprint Correspondent

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