Tom Brady’s Response To Trump “Locker Room Talk” Question

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It looks like the Patriots QB has a position on talking politics this election season.

Like many acquaintances of Donald Trump, Tom Brady tossed out a tepid endorsement when Trump launched his campaign last year. Like so many other “influencers”, Brady has found his mild brush with politics has come back to haunt him.

At today’s presser, Brady was asked about Trump’s “locker room talk”, which was how the candidate described a conversation he had in 2005, where he discusses his approach to seducing women.

Brady, a friend of the GOP candidate…and a quarterback for a team in one of the most Left-leaning states in the country, extracted himself from the situation thusly:

It would appear that Brady is keeping his powder dry for the political fights he faces within the NFL. He’s not going to open the can of Presidential politics worms anytime soon.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Football Correspondent

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