Tonight Pour Judgement Taps One Of Dogfish Head’s Rarest (And Most Bizarre) Beers

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Here’s a combination of flavors you’ve never had before.

choc Lobster

Dogfish Head has long had a reputation for being a little…off-kilter (They describe themselves as “off-center”). They’ve long been one of the country’s most solid craft breweries with such beers as their 90 Minute IPA, which has been one of the great Double IPA standard bearers…but for almost as long, Sam Calagione has been running around the world, finding ancient beer recipes and odd ingredients and creating new beers with them.

There’s always a gamble with these strange beers. We know that Sam will have done his best to brew a great beer…but we also know that he can overreach. It’s sort of like the joke translators tell each other when they say they can ply their trade “accurately or well”. With Dogfish, you don’t know if you’re getting a great beer or a merely good beer, but you do know it won’t be boring.

This is especially true of a beer about to be tapped at Newport’s favorite off-kilter bar, Pour Judgement.

Seriously, this has to been one of the strangest combinations of flavors we’ve seen since chefs were tasked with using octopus and chocolate in a dish during the last Battle Chefs competition at the Revolving Door.

Choc Lobster

From the Dogfish Head site:

Choc Lobster is a brew first brewed in 2012 that evolved from our Super Small Batch program that we began at the pub to make weird one-off batches for our beer dinners.

Choc Lobster was originally brewed to pair with a chocolate lobster bisque and white chocolate lobster salad slider. Sam happened to be at that dinner and got a real kick out of the beer, so we decided to brew a big batch for the pub so everyone else could try it.

This scaled-up batch has a robust porter base and was brewed with live lobsters, which were added directly to the boil to cook off for the kitchen. Along with the lobsters, just over 6 pounds of dark cocoa powder were added to the whirlpool, along with a basil tea that was added to compliment both the chocolate and lobster.

According to Dogfish, the beer tastes like “the ocean”. Which means that they think the ocean tastes like lobster with chocolate and basil. Which is a bit of a difference from the taste of the ocean here in Rhode Island…which does not taste like chocolate lobster.

Still, we’re intrigued and we’re guessing a few of you might be too, so brave the drizzling rain and get down to PJs for 7pm to get this bad boy tapped. It’s not like you’ll be able to find it anywhere else in Rhode Island and once it’s gone, it’s gone. A little B-52s on the sound system is also a distinct possibility.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Seafood Correspondent

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