Travel & Leisure Names RI’s Most Beautiful College

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Guess who has RI’s most scenic campus.

Rhode Island is nothing, if not beautiful. Growing up in the state, most native Rhode Islanders get used to the amazing scenery that surrounds us. For people from other parts of the country, however, they are amazed and drawn to the Ocean State’s mesmerizing beauty…just as Rhode Islanders are drawn away by other states’ “economic growth” and “functional governments”.

But as far as a place to spend four to seven years of your undergraduate academic career, Rhode Island isn’t half-bad. We have a number of beautiful college campuses to choose from, but someone at Travel & Leisure decided to thoroughly research the beauty of every college in America as to name the prettiest in each of the 50 states. When they came to Rhode Island they made this determination.

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Salve Regina University in Rhode Island

The most appropriate word here is stunning, and it’s no wonder: it’s what happens when you form a college out of seven magnificent Gilded Age estates. And that’s to say nothing of Salve Regina’s perch on the windswept coast of charming Newport.

So congrats to Salve for the three sentences of accolades and way to stick it to those inbred yokels at the University of Rhode Island!!! (JK URI. We love you. Some of our favorite people graduated there.)

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Clickbait Correspondent

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