Two Newport Coffee Shops Named Rhode Island’s Hippest

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Stop waxing your mustache, jump on your fixed-gear and head down to these havens of caffeinated hipsters.

Newport gets plenty of adoration in the press.  This time of year, it’s usually for our beaches, sailing and nightlife. This time, it’s something that usually gets a bit of attention in the spring or fall…our coffee shops.

Specifically, those coffee shops that are hip…or hipsterish (a term we’re sure is grammatically redundant, but has probably achieved common usage regardless, because at some point you have the differentiate between what is actually hip and the people trying to achieve that status).

Over on, Mia Zarrella has named two Newport coffee shops in her “Top 4 Hipster Coffee Shops in Rhode Island“.

The first is…

Empire Tea & Coffee

empire coffee logo

Awarded as the “Best Coffeehouse in Newport County,” Empire Tea & Coffee has two locations in Newport on William St. and Broadway, and another location on Aquidneck Ave. in Middletown. Empire’s spacious and minimalistic atmosphere makes it a conducive work space and a place like no other in Rhode Island. Minimalism is so hipster.

…and the second?

Mokka Coffeehouse


Mokka Coffeehouse is worth driving over two bridges to try. Located at 476-A Thames St, Newport, Mokka is decorated with an “old world style” serving Fair Trade artisan coffee. The coffeehouse offers books, newspapers, and trivia cards for the consumer’s entertainment. Mokka also only accepts cash payment, now, that’s hipster. 

So pull on your skinny jeans and put on your fedora…there’s coffee to be drunk in Newport.

And we suppose congratulations are in order for Empire and Mokka, though this press is probably going to push them dangerously close to the mainstream.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Caffeine Correspondent

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