Two Signs We’re At Peak Rosé

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It’s getting very basic out there. Almost too basic.

Rosé is huge right now and has been for several years. It’s made some serious inroads against prosecco as the basic bitch beverage of choice. But wine can be a finicky and faddish industry, so just when every winery in the country jumps on the hot varietal, it crashes. We saw that with moscato. Interestingly enough, while moscato had a jump around 2010 and then has levelled off, interest in rosé keeps growing (according to Google).

But we’ve seen a couple indications that the preferred method to get white girl wasted might have hit its peak, in the vein of “Too much of a good thing”.

The Rosé 40oz

Anything that comes in a volume of 40oz is likely a bad idea. It’s not the actual amount of wine in the bottle that’s the issue (the very common 1.5L magnum bottle is 44oz). It’s that 40oz bottles make people think of sitting on a stoop, taking swigs from a bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag, which is fine with Bud or even malt liquor, but things escalate quickly with a 12% wine. It’s not as though someone’s going to pour out a 40 in 6oz increments. The whole point is to drink bottle to face.

40 Ounce Wines is currently only distributed in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, and Colorado so we won’t see it in Newport unless the Manhattan crowd brings some along with them when they show up this summer.

Rosé Carbordeaux

Boxed wine Rosé

“You know what would be a really bad idea? If we drank all this wine…” -One of our fraternity brothers, a couple hours before he was sent to the hospital for alcohol poisoning

Three liters of boxed Rosé, currently for sale at Bridge Liquors. Perfect for when you have guests you don’t have to impress or for pre-gaming purposes for the next week. Three liters of anything can get you into trouble, be it in an alcoholic form or sitting under the hood of your car. The likely aftermath?

How a varietal can die

Overconsumption is what could kill the Rosé. One too many hangovers and the thought of what did it too you starts to diminish in esteem. Pumping up the volume is a great way to make that happen. Then again, it’s pretty rare for us to see someone buying a single 750ml. It would appear that Whispering Angels like to travel in packs.

Of course, pink wine season is just beginning, so we won’t see a slide or even a levelling off until October at the earliest.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Wine Correspondent

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