UMass Dartmouth Gets The Game Of Thrones Treatment

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Southern New England’s most Brutalist campus gets 3D-animated into the GOT intro.

With the start of the newest season, Game of Thrones is huge everywhere. Now, a couple of UMass Dartmouth alumni have resequenced the show’s iconic introduction to showcase the university’s unique architecture. Kate Dullea and Matt Melo released the video on Youtube May 9th and since then it’s gotten just a little bit of notice, especially from other UMass Dartmouth students and alumni. (Full disclosure: UMass Dartmouth is your humble correspondent’s alma mater)

Just a little bit of background on UMass Dartmouth’s Brutalism. Led by French modernist Le Corbusier, the style arose in France and Britain in the ’50s and ’60s. Despite what most think of as the obvious source of its title, it’s cold “brutal” form, the name Brutalism actually comes from the French “béton brut,” meaning raw concrete.

The UMass Dartmouth campus was designed by architect Paul Rudolph and the form of the buildings have long been a source of urban legends among the university’s student body, such as doors on the roofs that were supposedly designed for when people would have jetpacks…or the “nuclear war”-proofness of the campus (though hard to see what good the concrete would do when there were these small windows just waiting for a shock wave to shatter and let all the fallout in).

It’s a very cool campus, in A Clockwork Orange kind of way…which really fits, because A Clockwork Orange fits alongside Game of Thrones quite well, as they’re both filled with violence and sex and violent sex(though only one has dragons).

So watch the video about, and don’t forget to sing along.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Thrones Correspondent

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