United States Sex Moves: What’s The Rhode Island?

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United States Sex Moves

College Humor Has Determined Each State’s Sex Move.

Based on all sorts of in-depth research, College Humor has figured out each state’s sex move. For example, this is “The Georgia”.

The Georgia

Which is a bit odd, because in most innuendo, a woman only has one peach (Steve Miller not withstanding). But we’re sure the folks at College Humor have put a whole lot of time and money into research, so they’re the experts. Before we get to Rhode Island, let’s see what our neighbors to the north, Massachusetts, get as their move…

The Massachusetts

HAHA! Sucks to be them, right? Well, hopefully that softens the blow for Little Rhody…

The Rhode Island Sex Move


Now, we know what you’re thinking…”Didn’t a condom company rank RI #2 for penis size last year?” Yes, yes they did. So we’re guessing it’s that same old “Too Beaucoup” problem Rhode Islanders are always dealing with.

You know which sex move really sucks? The Delaware.

The Delaware

Proving once again, Rhode Island is the biggest (and longer lasting) little state in the Union.

Check out the rest of the states here.

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