URI Freshman Accidentally Texts One Of Rhode Island’s Best Comics; Hilarity Ensues

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Last Saturday, Comedian Brian Beaudoin got a random text from an underaged URI student looking to get some booze and took it upon himself to see how far a prank could go.

If you’re familiar with the Rhode Island stand-up scene, you know what a funny guy Brian Beaudoin can be. If you frequent Newport, you may have seen him at The Wasted Talent Show, hosted each month by Doug Key. After seeing this, you might want to catch Brian¬†hosting the 10pm show (click for tickets) on the Saturday of the 2017¬†Rogue Island Comedy Festival.

Here’s a photo of Brian, to help visualize this conversation in your head. Fair warning, what’s about to follow has a fair bit of vulgarity.


At 3:16pm Saturday, Brian receives this text. At 3:23pm it’s posted on Facebook.


At this point, half of Brian’s Facebook friends stopped what they were doing and made some popcorn…


…because they know where this ride is going.




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