URI Super Bowl LI Riot Was A Literal Dumpster Fire (Video)

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Two arrested Sunday night as students celebrate New England Patriots win.

As amazing as the Patriots Super Bowl win was, URI students celebrated it the same way they did two years ago, spilling out of their dorms for a little property destruction. It being 2017, other students filmed their antics and posted them online with Super Bowl LI Snapchat filters and the like.

We’re kind of curious at this point if New England sports fans will get to the point where we’ll have won so much that, to quote President Trump, “we’ll get tired of winning” and not engage in post-championship celebrations that  require police intervention.

Alternatively, lots of winning might make things worse.

Regardless, there’s little that colleges can do besides put more police on duty when our sport teams on in their respective championships.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Super Bowl Correspondent

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