If You Want To See A Promo Video Actually Filmed In Rhode Island…

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Newport provides a real backdrop to Legends Limited promotion.

In an age where it seems so damn hard for marketing agencies to use real footage from the actual locations they’re hired to promote, the cool Millennials at Legends Limited Apparel have managed to film a promotional video in Newport without somehow tossing…oh, we dunno…some Reykjavik landmarks into the mix.

Nope, just some warm footage of the Breakers and a little action at the Newport Marriott’s Skiff Bar seemed enough for Legends Limited, who have forgone the need to add some mid-Atlantic Scandinavian spice to their advertising push.

Perhaps it was the cost that prevented them from going international. After all, a local apparel company is unlikely to have the $5 million in taxpayer dollars burning a hole in their pocket to finance an international skateboarding adventure.

Perhaps owner Philip Easton knows that simple rule about local Rhode Island promotions: Keep them local.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Cooler Correspondent

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