Watch A Sitting US Senator Destroy A Bunch Of Cellphones (Video)

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Presidential candidate Lindsey Graham embraces one of Youtube’s finest traditions.

If you’ve been living off the grid for the last 36 hours, you might have missed news that performance artist Donald Trump gave the world Senator Lindsey Graham’s personal cell number, which makes for an interesting political attack, especially in a Presidential race.

We have to give Graham credit…his response is surprisingly hip for a member of the US Senate, whose members are well known for needing their staffs to check the emails for them when writing the nation’s technology laws.

People love to see things get destroyed and Youtube is full of people finding all sorts of ways to rip apart cellphones. No sooner is a new iPhone released than someone’s filming themselves putting one in a microwave.

Having never taken the smartphone plunge, Graham destroys a collection of devices he’s more familiar with…flip phones.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Youtube Correspondent

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