Watch “The Rebirth Of Broadway” To See How The Newport, RI Neighborhood Has Really Turned Around

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This 17-minute documentary by The Food Travelers features a couple Sues, a Hank and a whole bunch of food porn shot right on Broadway.

It’s no secret that we do love hanging out on Broadway. The neighborhood is hopping, even in the depths of winter and the crowds aren’t nearly as insane as downtown in the summer. The food and drink on offer typically provide you with a bit more value and there’s a little more freedom to be eccentric. Speaking of eccentric, the filmmakers at The Food Travelers took it upon themselves to select two of Broadway’s more off-the-wall locations, Salvation Cafe and Pour Judgment. These are two locations that we’ve previously noted for their quirky bar decor.

This video provides a behind-the-scenes look at how some of Broadways most signature dishes are prepared.

Salvation Cafe

Rebirth of Broadway, Newport, RI, Salvation Cafe

The first spot The Food Travelers explore is Salvation Cafe, located at 140 Broadway. Owner Sue Lamond tells the story of how she started the restaurant back in the early-90s as a way to bring a little bit of Brooklyn culture back to a dive-bar neighborhood. She shows how to make the restaurant’s signature dish, the Vegetarian Pad Thai.

Pour Judgement

Sue Zinno Pour Judgement Newport, RI

The second location featured is Newport, RI bar Pour Judgement. Co-owner Hank Whitin makes a small intro before we follow Pour Judgment kitchen manager Susan Zinno into the kitchen to see her work her magic on steamed little neck clams, jambalaya and, of course, the Pour Judgement burger (one of our favorite Newport burgers).

Come to Broadway

While it’s not really a well-kept secret anymore, Broadway doesn’t get the exposure like downtown Newport does, especially in the summer. For those who like the oddball characters and neighborhood feel of the street, that’s probably a good thing. For the people who make their living on the strip, a little more exposure never hurts.

The segment is part of a series called “A Taste of Rhode Island” that’s been pitched to Rhode Island PBS by Wander Media, a production team consisting of J.R. and Ali Richards.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Broadway Correspondent

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