The Weather Forecast For Newport’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Has Us Nervous

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Who was the jerk who ordered the snow?

Extended weather forecasts are great, when the weather looks like it will be fine and it ends up being fine. Right now, for March 11th in Newport, it’s not looking pretty.

Snow on Parade Day SUCKS. It’s guaranteed to be super-wet and melt immediately into and through pretty much any outfit you might be wearing and it generally puts a damper on the whole day. Being cold and wet makes it hard to have a good time, as any graduate from BUD/S can tell you.

What really has us concerned is that this forecast has started to get worse. Initially it was snow in the morning then partially sunny in the afternoon. Then it was just partially cloudy. Then it went back to snow in the morning again.  Now it’s snow and rain in the morning and rain in the afternoon.

Now, we have to admit that rain does contribute to an authentic Irish experience for St. Patrick’s Day. Ireland didn’t become known as the Emerald Isle due to a lack of precipitation. But, as is the case with so much about St. Patrick’s Day stateside, participants usually want to keep authenticity at arms length in favor green-toned festivities and weather that’s more “South of France” than “North Atlantic”.

Now, we’ve got ten days for the weather to get its act together, and produce something that’s more…T-shirt weather.

Speaking of T-shirts, we’ve still got a limited supply of our Parade Day t-shirts available. Have at ’em.

It’s times like this that we’re reminded that when it comes to weather, the “Luck of the Irish” has come in the form of cheap flights to Ibiza.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Parade Day Correspondent

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