The Welcome Sign Newport Needs This January

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Arrivals in Newport’s deadest month need to know we care.

As many effort as Newport puts forward to make itself a year-round destination, January is when the city calls it a day. Restaurants take a week or two or even the whole month off. Shops owners take all the money they made over Christmas and run down to the Caribbean for a few weeks. Those of us who stick around get to wait for temperatures to dip below freezing and a blizzard to show up. Then everyone has to dig themselves out and we spend the next few days waddling around while the snow piles start to melt and the water flowing onto the sidewalks freezes each night.

To put it gently, January in Newport is a hard sell. If we’re lucky, it’s “mostly harmless”. ┬áIf it’s like what we got a couple years back, it’s the start of a winter wasteland where the question on everyone’s minds is “More snow? Where are we supposed to put it?!?!”

Now, this isn’t to say that no one is going to come and visit. There are always people in search of a bargain and those who appreciate Newport without the crowds…or something. The fact of the matter is that we, as a city, should let these tourists know that they’re appreciated. We think Newport should follow the example of a particular European city when it comes to congratulating visitors just for showing up.

We’re talking, of course, about Helsinki, Finland.

In this spirit…

We’ve got a proposal for a new welcome sign for Newport. It’s kind of a preliminary design and we’re open to suggestions about the content of the sign and where, if anywhere, it might be placed. But, here’s our concept:

We’ve got some time, so feel free to make some suggestions.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Off-Season Correspondent

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