Welcome To The Newport Blast!

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Hello. My name is Tristan Pinnock. You might remember me from such local web ventures as The Newport Buzz, Drink Newport and the Bridge Liquors Facebook Page. Today I’m announcing the launch of my newest expedition into the online world, The Newport Blast.

Let’s do a quick FAQ and address the elephants in the room and get everyone up to speed.

Q. How is this going to be different from Newport Buzz?

A. The quick answer is “It’s not”. The site exists to inform and entertain those who have an interesting in Newport and the surrounding areas of Rhode Island.


We’re currently assembling a group of extremely talented individuals so there’s no telling where this could go.


Q. What if I hate snark? What are you going to do for me?

A. Probably give you something to root against.


Q. Who do I talk to about advertising?

Excellent question. We have some great introductory rates available.


Tristan's just this guy, ya know?