Welcome To Newport’s Fourth Beach

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Broadway businesses are using creative solutions to deal with construction glut.

It’s a tough time for lower Broadway. Just as the summer season is kicking into gear, construction is seriously putting a damper on business. The remodelling of lower Broadway is expected to take another four weeks, so in the meantime, one of Newport’s economic engines has to deal with the loss of dozens of parking spots and a view that is, to put it lightly, less than aesthetically pleasing.

Now, local businesses understand that this process will ultimately benefit them, but, much like open-heart surgery, the experience isn’t a pleasant one.

Asked for comment on the current situation, all Pour Judgement bar manager John Flynn had to say was, “[email protected]#% %$#%ing *^#$!!!! And you can quote me on that.”

We're no strangers to sarcasm.

We’re no strangers to sarcasm.

Over at Holy Smokes, they decided to have a beach party.

…until the cops shut it down.

So, if you’re in the area, make a point to support your local Broadway businesses. To suggest that they have faced an undue burden is a serious understatement.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Pool Party Correspondent

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