Westerly Grinchess Caught Stealing Wreath On Camera

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Women stealing Christmas decorations is now a thing.

Less than two weeks ago, a woman in Sherborn, Massachusetts was caught on camera stealing hundreds of dollars worth of wreaths and tossing them into her Range Rover. Now a woman in Westerly, RI was caught stealing a wreath off the porch of one Mary Sullivan’s house.

Like the Sunshine Farm before her, Mary had a security camera system set up and like Sunshine Farm, Mary had no qualms about putting social media to work hunting this new Grinchess down…and we had no qualms about taking that video and adding some appropriate music.

Less than 48 hours later, the culprit has been identified by police. The Westerly Sun reports:

Police Chief Edward St. Clair said that woman would likely be arrested today. He declined, however, to identify her until she is charged. The video was widely circulated by Sullivan and hundreds of others on Facebook since the incident Sunday, prompting numerous messages to Sullivan and calls to police.

We have to say that as something to steal, a wreath has to rank among the stupidest. Even if you get away with it, you get…what…two weeks out of the thing before you throw it away? If it’s decorated in a recognizable way, you can’t even show it off on the outside of your house, so you’ve basically brought a plant into your home that’s slowly dying, will get you arrested and it won’t even get you high.

The only possible way this makes any sense is if the culprit was a true Grinch making an attempt to ruin Mary Sullivan’s Christmas…but one wreath shouldn’t make or break anyone’s Christmas…unless, of course, it’s the one that gets you arrested.


WPRI12 reports the suspect has been charged.

Westerly police say they’ve cracked a holiday heist in town, and now a Connecticut woman is facing charges.

Police Chief Ed St. Clair told Eyewitness News Christa L. Bradley, 46, of North Stonington was charged with larceny under $1,500.

She’s accused of stealing a large wreath from a home in town.

The homeowner, Chris Sullivan, said his wife Mary made the special wreath with friends just last week, but a short time later it was gone.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Noël Decor Correspondent

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