Westport Car Dealership Demanded Pizza Guy Return Tip

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…And then they did something REALLY stupid.

There are plenty of stupid people doing stupid things out there. Every once in a while, they’ll be caught on camera looking like absolute jackasses…and in this day and age, that generally means that it’s all going online.

There is generally one exception to the rule. People who record themselves looking like horrible human beings don’t usually let that kind of thing get out, because no matter what kind of degenerates they may be, they understand that they don’t want to publicize their anti-social behavior.

There have been a few notable exceptions. A couple years back, a Florida woman filmed her racist rant against an unlucky Dunkin Donuts employee and in a fit of brilliance, thought that if she posted it online, people would take her side. She was wrong.

More recently (Saturday to be specific), the folks at F&R Auto Sales in Westport, MA gave Pizza Palace employee Jarrid Tansey $50 (2 $20 bills and 2 $5 bills) on a $42+change delivery. He left with what he assumed was his tip, only to have the folks at F&R call and demand that he return the $7, which led to the exchange in the video above.

Having convinced a few people working at one pizza shop that they were non-tipping schmucks, F&R Auto Sales decided that they could really stick it to Mr. Tansey and the Pizza Palace crew by placing the security video of the incident online. They were wrong.

The Internet has enacted its cruel justice on the dealership, taking their Yelp rating down to 1 star and even creating a fake Facebook page.

The manager of F & R Auto Sales has issued a sort-of apology.

(h/t Boston.com)

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Pizza Correspondent

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