Westport Dealership Learns That It Can Be Illegal To Be An As**ole

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Owner and employee of F & R Auto face criminal charges.

Usually, it’s not against the law to be a miserable prick. Things like the First Amendment provide people with the freedom to be an absolute jerk without having to worry about prosecution. Not tipping a pizza guy is not illegal. Lying in a public apology about not tipping is not illegal. Saying that you’ve fired people you haven’t is not illegal. Of course, things get a little different when you’re running a business and you start threatening customers who make complaints physically. ABC6 reports:

The owner and an employee of a used car dealership that bullied a pizza delivery driver are being criminally charged for other alleged bullying.

Westport Police started investigating F and R Auto in December when a female reported she purchased a car that failed to pass a safety inspection.

When she contacted the dealership two representatives from the dealership allegedly verbally chastised her, used profanities towards her and threatened to physically punch her in the face and used a sexual comment towards her.

As a result of the investigation Francis R Correiro, 49, and Mark Dambrosca, 47, were charged with threats to do bodily harm and intimidation of a witness.

Uh-oh. Now, we’re pretty sure that a dealership can’t sell a car that won’t pass inspection (though we’ve been wrong before). That said, businesses threatening their customers with physical violence reminds us less of a car dealership and more of…I dunno…the Mob?

So here’s the funny thing about becoming Internet-famous for being jackasses…everyone who you’ve ever screwed over comes out of the woodwork.

Also s a result of the investigation, officials learned they have been forging car documents, numerous calls of angry customers, employees refusing to fix vehicles, arguing between employees, furious former employees, harassing a father and his kids over a car being returned, customers afraid to return after being harassed and customers being threatened by employees.

Police also say they have received approximately 26 reports from angered customers in the past twelve months. This is also the same dealership who bullied a pizza delivery driver from Palace Pizza and then posted the video in January 2015.

Westport detectives are asking if anyone has had similar or possible criminal complaint to contact them at (508) 636-1122.

The wheels of justice may turn slowly, but this is the kind of case where they’ll turn inevitably. It may not be illegal to stiff the pizza guy on his tip, but no one, least of all these degenerates, wants the cops snooping around their business practices. After all, these are the people who posted a video of themselves verbally abusing the guy they had forced to return a $7 tip. Chances are that they’re pretty damn sloppy with all the other evidence of their illegal activities.


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