We’ve Seen The First Extended Weather Forcast For Parade Day 2019

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The good news is that weather predictions, like people, can change for the better.

Newport’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is two weeks away and we’re close enough to have the first weather forecasts for the day. Most locals know how variable the weather can be. In the last decade, we’ve seen highs close to 70° and lows around 10°. So when you’ve got a span of 60°, weather is something you’ll want to consider, whether you’re planning your parade attire or you’re planning your bets for the Monday-after arrest report pool.

The Weather Forecast For Newport’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is…

Newport Parade Day Weather Forecast 2019

So…ew. With any luck, things will change a bit in the coming weeks. Otherwise, we’ll all be watching the parade in the rain, which is not optimal. We’ve done it. It’s not like rain is abnormal for Newport in March. It’s just that we’d rather that we didn’t have to. So if everyone can break out their lucky charms, that would be great.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Parade Correspondent

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