Whaler’s May Have Just Released RI’s Most Dangerous Craft Beer

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…and Pour Judgement has it.

Brand new beers are always an interesting phenomenon for beer enthusiasts and marketers alike. The beer may or may not have been posted to beer databases like Beer Advocate, Untappd and Taphunter…and disparities regarding their ABV, IBUs, etc. can arise.

So we’re here at Pour Judgement, preparing for Whaler’s mini-tap takeover tonight (Wednesday, Aug. 5 7-9) and Josh Whalen pours me their brand spanking new Bourbon Stout.

It’s a good beer. The bourbon note is a lot more subtle than most barrel-aged beers. There are those dark notes that one expects from a big imperial stout, but more subtle notes. There isn’t the sweet booziness that would indicate a high ABV beer.

So we look it up. According to Beer Advocate user Duhast500, it’s 7.2% abv. According to Untappd, it’s 13% abv. Needless to say, when it comes to beer…that’s a massive difference. We’re guessing that despite the strong flavor, it could very well be 7.2%, given the dry flavor and lack of booziness.

Fortunately, Josh knows a guy. A quick call to the brewery reveals that the ABV of Whaler’s Bourbon Stout is…

13% abv.


So you’ve been warned. This is a beer that has a lot of potential to sneek up on you.

Also on tap tonight from Whaler’s is their East Coast IPA and their Ginger Wheat ale. Whaler’s Brewing’s “Sexiest Brewer Alive” Josh Dunlap, “The Man Behind The Man Behind The Curtain” Andy Tran and “Dr. Strangebrew or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the beer” Wesley Staschke will be at PJs from 7-9 tonight.

Stop by and try not to get ambushed by the Bourbon Stout.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Beer Correspondent

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