What Bud Light Cans Are About To Look Like

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But first, a quick visual history of the Bud Light can.

There are a lot of consumer products that change drastically year to year. Things like movies are released and give us a chronological fix as to when we would have caught them at the theater (The obvious exception being something like the original Star Wars [Episode IV], which one could have caught in theaters in May 1977…or one of the theatrical re-releases inĀ 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982 or 1997.)

There are a lot of other things that change subtly over the years. You recognize the change in packaging…and then basically forget about it, because there are more important things on your mind. In fact, your mind slowly erases the older versions of those kinds of products, because every time you recall a memory, your brain rewrites it, so changes are made…changes that bring things in line with your more recent view of the world, which is why we all need photos to remind us of how life actually was twenty or even ten years back.

A perfect example is Bud Light cans. They’ve been all around for decades now, but even so, if we were to ask a 5 year old regular Bud Light drinker what the cans looked like ten, fifteen or twenty years ago, we’re guessing it would be a struggle.

So here you go, a visual history of the Bud Light can…




So what will the new can look like? Expect to see this bad boy in Newport liquor stores such as Bridge Liquors starting in March or April…


As an aside, who’s up for this clothing drive?

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Blue Correspondent

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