What to Expect During Venus Retrograde

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For the next six weeks, it looks like love will take center stage, whether you like it or not.

According to¬†Bustle, Venus Retrograde is happening now through April 16. During this time, your love life is going to be shaken up. Your relationship status could change or the status of your current relationship could change, but in a positive way that involves things like “prioritizing what you need” or “defining who you are” and “what you truly want in your partner and your relationship.”

Honestly, it doesn’t seem like anything too terrible is going to happen during Venus Retrograde, at least from what we’ve been able to skim through

If you’re currently single and not looking for anybody, that could change.

It doesn’t matter if you plan on going out drinking with the guys and your only intentions are hitting up your tab. At one point, you’ll be in need of another beer, you’ll work your way through the crowd to the bar, you’ll find yourself talking to a girl sitting next to you…

Then you’ll wake up the next morning with Bar Stool Girl asking you where your phone charger is and where you guys should go for Bloody Mary’s.

You’re not even safe if you would rather stay in, do nothing and watch Star Wars all night. While you’re just trying to watch Luke cope with his daddy issues, it won’t take you long to surrender to the text messages lighting up your phone so it can stop ruining your marathon…

Or you’re that guy texting your hookup hit list and want to find out who’s going to fall for the trap.



If you’re not sure what’s happening with your on-and-off hookup, winter cling or whatever situation you’ve fallen into, you’re about to find soon.


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