What Your Thoughts Of The $1.4 Billion Powerball Jackpot Say About You

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It’s interesting how a chance at millions (or billions) of dollars reveals people’s true character.

A couple decades back, a mentor of ours told us that they saw Tom Clancy speaking on television. He was, at that point in the early ’90s, one of the most successful writers of all time, with far more money and fame than the former insurance salesman could have dreamed of ten years before. To paraphrase a snippet of the conversation:

Interviewer: You know, they say that money ruins characters.
Tom Clancy: Money doesn’t ruin character, it reveals character.

Interestingly enough, asking people what they’d do if they won the lottery can also be quite revealing.

What is everyone’s dreams?

By now, most of you have seen this video:

“If you won, what would you do with all the money?”
“A bunch of hookers and cocaine.”

To be fair, that’s probably not even an outlier as far as popular opinion goes, at least as far as guys go. He might as well be quoting Officespace…

The problem is that a million bucks will go pretty far when it comes to prostitutes and party drugs. It probably lasts Charlie Sheen a good 3-6 months (though given recent news, the hookers are likely charging a lot more).

Point is, if you give joe douchebag a few million to play with, he’ll likely end up dead of broke in a year or two. If you give him one or two HUNDRED million, things change. For a lot of jerks, they’ll be lucky if that money just gets them into Justin Bieber kinds of trouble. He at least has a musical career to work on. If you’re a low-skilled idiot with a bunch of shady friends things can only end badly (though lucratively for your defense lawyers).

Unfortunately, you probably know some people who are actually worse…

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