What’s Her Ideal Valentine’s Day Date in Newport?

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In less than two weeks, your Facebook feed will be inundated with pictures of candlelight dinners and couple selfies.

And weighty proclamations of love. “OMG ILYSM <3”

If you’re single, your friends are enjoying seeing you share GIFs and memes about #singlelife and your plans to spend Valentine’s Day playing video games and drinking beer, just like any other day.

If you’re taken—in a relationship, Tinder hookup or whatever other modern love situation you’ve found yourself in—then you have to play into the Valentine’s Day game. Or, more accurately, you publicly dismiss the commercial holiday among your friends, but end up buying a bouquet of flowers for her. At the very least.

Whether or not you like Valentine’s Day, it wouldn’t be the worst thing to give into the societal pressure of showing your love and appreciation for your significant other (?).

The best thing you can do is hope that you know the woman in your life well enough to figure out what she wants.

What’s she like? Is she preppy? Artsy? A complete hot mess? Something in between?

To help you out, we’ve put together six different female personas and possible date ideas to go along with them.

We’re not promising that they’re one-size-fits-all solutions—you should know your girlfriend or Tinder match better than anyone—but we’re going to do the best we can to draw out your inner-romantic for your valentine.


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