What’s The Point Of A Snowstorm On A Saturday?

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None. There is no point. We’re still going to get one.

If ever there’s a time you know that Mother Nature is messing with you, it’s when we get a winter storm on a weekend. The whole point of winter weather is to provide the excitement of a sweepstakes  to a dark, dank, dull season. Will we get the day off school/work? STAY TUNED!!!

For most people, however, they’re already off on a Saturday, which means that their best day of freedom is not going to be ruined by a bunch of white crap falling out of the sky. All those errands they were going to run? A whole lot less enjoyable, if they even bother.

Which is why weekend snowstorms are awful for anyone who actually sells anything. If you’ve been noticing a whole lot more parking available downtown, it’s because we’re in the “off-season”, where half of Newport businesses close so the other half can slave away to make a meager living for themselves…and most of that meager living is made on Saturdays.

So once again, weather, thanks for nothing.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Snow Correspondent

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