What’s Wrong With The Newport Grand Intersection Stoplight?

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Have you noticed this problem on Admiral Kalbfus Rd?

Four seconds. That’s the time motorists on Admiral Kalbfus Road have to drive through the stoplight next to the Newport Grand (sort of) casino after midnight according to one of Newport, RI’s professional late night drivers for whom time is money (and money pays off film school debts.)

So for those of you who don’t want to watch, the light is red for over a minute after being green for FOUR SECONDS. That’s right. Four seconds of green light for sixty-two seconds of red light.

The crazy thing is that the NON-EXISTENT traffic leaving Newport Grand gets a nice fat green light to let them out at the expense of ACUAL east-bound traffic.

Let’s face facts; if the timing of the light was what was required to let that kind of traffic out of the Newport Grand parking lot, they wouldn’t be trying to move to Tiverton.

Sounds like a great use for Newport’s Report It! app.

The address you need to punch in is 150 Admiral Kalbfus Rd.

So go forth, good citizens of Newport! Go forth and get this fixed!

(Alternatively, you can email 1st Ward Councilman Marco Camacho at [email protected]. This isn’t his fault, but it is his responsibility to make sure his ward is running smoothly.)

Of course, once this is fixed in Newport, Middletown residents can get the after-midnight timing of their stoplights at on West Main at the Holiday Inn Express and at Barnes & Noble taken care of. (Use [email protected] to correspond with the entire Town Council using a single email.)

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Citizen Activism Correspondent

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