When Hitting The McDonalds Drive-Thru Goes Wrong (Video)

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How four girls became this week’s most notorious, foul-mouthed fast-food patrons.

The late-night drive-thru is a location best avoided if you’re trying to avoid people under the influence of some kind of substance. There’s nothing like a few beers and a little weed to turn the biggest diet fanatic into the biggest Taco Bell fanatic. Unfortunately, there’s a cost to being the caloric flame for all those drunken moths and it’s that your business gets to deal with a whole lot of bizarre antisocial antics by a lot of folks who aren’t exactly great individuals when they’re sober.

The unfortunate employees of a Michigan McDonalds got the full brunt of four underage girls’ drunken anger. They responded by calling the cops, who received their own earful from the young ladies. The police response was…a bit less passive than the drive-thru’s cashier’s and involved what appeared to be one women being knocked unconscious after her head was bounced off the asphalt.

Color commentary is provided by two guys who, despite insisting of filming the whole incident in portrait instead of landscape, have a bright future as Cops cameramen.

Here in Newport, we don’t have fast-food drive-thrus (they’re all in Middletown), but we do have Via-Via.

Of course, Newport Police have an incredible response time to any kind of disturbance at the pizza joint because they’re typically standing across the street, 15 yards away. Unfortunately, there’s always a few bad actors who are either oblivious to their presence or choose to throw down regardless. Just like the young ladies above, they get an opportunity to be famous, too.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Munchies Correspondent

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