Where Are Rhode Islanders Moving To?

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And where did the people living in Rhode Island now come from?

Back in 1900, 79% of the people born in Rhode Island stayed in Rhode Island. Today, it’s down to 58%.

Where is everyone going?

Where People Born In RI Live Now

About 10% go to Massachusetts, though that migration has been at a constant since 1900. Not steady? Migration to Florida and the rest of the South, which is now 14%, rising from just 4% in 1960.

Where are we not going?

California, at least not as much. From 1960-1990, 4% of Rhode Islanders were living in California. From 2000 onward, that percentage dropped to 3%.

Where did the people who moved to Rhode Island come from?

Where people Living In RI were born

It won’t be much of a surprise, but mostly Massachusetts, New York and the Northeast. Also not a surprise? The number of people born outside the US has risen from 10% in 1980 to 15% in 2012.

So if you’ve been living in Rhode Island, most of this data shouldn’t come as much as a surprise. A large number of people we went to high school with have skipped town (and state). Likewise, most of the people who have moved here are from Mass, NY or elsewhere in the Northeast.

To play with the interactive version and to check out what people born in other states are doing, check out the NY Times.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Migration Correspondent

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