Which New Emoji Candidates Will Make the Cut?

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The great emoji powers-that-be (aka The Unicode Technical Committee) put forth a list of 67 possible characters that could join the emoji keyboard.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them will make the cut—the final decision will be made during the May 2016 UTC meeting and the public will see the emojis in June.

If you read the full report, it looks like there were even plenty of other emojis under consideration—”money mouth” face, a robot face, a game of cricket, and a unicorn head are just a few…

Several of the emojis we suggested in an earlier post have been either proposed as top candidates or listed in the full report, but now we even have a few more that would make our text messages and social media posts that much more engaging.

You know what they say—an emoji conveys a thousand feels.


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