White Horse Tavern Named One Of The World’s Spookiest Bars

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The Daily Meal has made a list of the world’s 12 spookiest bars and America’s oldest tavern made the list.

It’s not just one of America’s spookiest bars; The White Horse Tavern — built in 1673 — is sometimes said to be America’s oldest bar, where Founding Fathers, colonists, British soldiers, Hessian mercenaries, pirates, and sailors all dropped in for a drink. Over the years, there were a few deaths there, and some spirits still haunt it. Staff and diners have reported seeing the ghost of an elderly man in the main dining room near the fire place. Another, an unseen entity, regularly patrols the building and supervises the staff, counting money and letting them know when it’s time to lock up.

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Tristan Pinnock, Blast Aggregation Correspondent

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