Who Actually Has The Worst Drivers: MA or CT or RI?

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Who is most likely to get into an accident?

Here in New England, the states are small, so drivers have plenty of opportunity to encounter vehicles from neighboring places…and plenty of opportunities to look with a combination of frustration and wonder while thinking “WTF is that guy doing?”

This does lend to a bit of confirmation bias. Every time you see some driver from a state that’s already on your s*** list do something that pisses you off, you add it to your count. Every example of when they person isn’t from that state, you ignore it. (We do this less with states and more with people driving Toyota Corollas, because WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE ALWAYS DRIVING 10 MPH UNDER THE SPEED LIMIT?!?!)

This means it’s generally hard for people who live in one place to realize how well or badly the people around them are driving…and you certainly can’t ask them about other drivers from other states.

What we need is an independent source. Fortunately, we found one. Unfortunately, we doubt you’re going to like what they have to say about anyone in New England.

Allstate Insurance releases an “America’s Best Drivers Report” each year. It starts at the #1 best city to drive in and works its way all the way down to #200. Of course, as we keep learning about rankings of “best drivers” or “friendliest cities”, if you flip the lists upside down, you get a ranking of “worst drivers” or “unfriendliest┬ácities“.

Anyhow, this list is great news for any of you who plan to drive in Kansas City. It’s ranked numero uno.

So how do New England states do?

Well, the study goes by city…and for whatever reason, they chose not to include any cities in Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine. That’s not the biggest deal for us in Newport, as we probably see more license plates from Canada then we do from those states.

Now, the three New England states that are left over…this is where there’s something to settle. Rhode Islanders love to complain about Masshole drivers. Massachusetts drivers can’t figure out what’s wrong with Rhode Island drivers. And Connecticut drivers…well, they’re all over Rhode Island…probably lucky that their behaviour, in the eyes of Rhode Islanders, is overshadowed by the Bay Staters.

So let’s see how everyone’s cities ranked in this study…


Connecticut Driving

How does Connecticut rank in this study?

Terribly. The two cities on the Nutmeg State featured are Bridgeport and New Haven and out of the 200 cities, both are ranked in the bottom 10%.

allstate connecticut

As best as we can tell, all those accidents happen on Route 95 whenever we’re trying to get to or leaving Rhode Island.

The only good news is that Bridgeport dropped 2 spots from last year, while New Haven improved two spots, meaning that they’re nice and consistent. It’s just unfortunate that the constant is very bad driving.

Now how do Rhode Island and Massachusetts compare?

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