Who Actually Has The Worst Drivers: MA or CT or RI?

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Rhode Island

RI state trooper under truck

As bad as Connecticut drivers are, it turns out that they don’t quite compare to Rhode Island drivers.

allstate providence

Providence ranks as the 195th best city (or 5th worst city) to drive in. So maybe everyone griping about Rhode Island drivers has a point.



Folks from Springfield (Hi Nesi!!!) have the distinction of being the best in Massachusetts…and the 196th best in the United States. Oddly enough, as you head east, people, in theory, get smarter…and better at crashing into each other.

Allstate Massachusetts

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that Boston is on the cutting edge of medical technology. Given how badly everyone is driving, they need it. If you’re in Boston, you’re 157.7% more likely to have an accident than the national average.

They also do things like this…

So here we are. with pretty definitive rankings. Connecticut drivers are, by national standards, terrible…but among the best in New England. Rhode Island drivers are completely awful, but the only people who can’t tell us that are from Massachusetts (…and DC and Baltimore).

Check out the rest of the rankings here.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Crash Test Dummy

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