Whose Bright Idea? Broadway Bar Puzzled By Mysterious Theft

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You’ll never guess what was stolen from Caleb & Broad.

Categorize this under “This is why we can’t have nice things”. Or, in this case, light. There are a lot of truisms that one comes to realize over their lives. One, popularized by Chris Rock, is that there’s no sex in the champagne room. Now, Caleb & Broad owner Rich Willis has a new one for the list: There’s no light in the men’s room.


Because someone stole the light bulbs.

Stolen Light Bulbs Caleb & Broad Newport RI

That’s right…


Rich took to Facebook to voice his puzzlement at the situation.

After so many years in the business It usually doesn’t surprise when things get stolen…. but this ones got me… last night someone stole the light bulbs out of the men’s bathroom 🤔🤔 who steals light bulbs???

The Prime Suspects

Who (or what) on earth would steal the light bulbs from a men’s room on Broadway? Did they want the light bulbs for themselves…or was there some other reason they were taken?

What if they weren’t actually from Earth? What if they just hate light?

Here’s our guess at the guilty party…

Pitch Black Creatures Aliens

That’s right. If you’ve seen the movie Pitch Black, you know exact what we’re talking about. The light-hating predators who killed most of Riddick’s party in that movie have come to Earth to feed…and they’ve set up shop in the bathroom of Caleb & Broad.

That’s our best guess anyway. Does anyone have a better idea?

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Consulting Detective

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