Why Americans Consider Irish Men The World’s Sexiest

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66,000 American females can’t be wrong…can they?

Last year, the travel website MissTravel.com serveyed its members to find out who they thought the sexiest nationalities were.

For American men, Armenian women took the top spot, helped considerably by Kim Kardashian.

For American women, Irish men hold a special place in their hearts. We do have to give a word of warning to any Irish lads thinking about coming over to the United States for St. Patrick’s Day to capitalize on their new carnal demand.

You see, the way the survey was set up, certain celebrities from each country were used to represent that nationality.

For Ireland, the gentlemen used were Colin Farrell and…


Fifty Shades of Grey’s Jamie Dornan

Meaning that there is a lot of context baked into this attraction. An Irish guy can’t think he’s going to show up in the US and think he can just bed every woman he whispers his brogue to. No, there’s going to be a lot of labor involved. There are going to be whips and chains and all sorts of head games to work out.

Now, there are also plenty of risks involved. It’s bad enough for American men to be involved in a little light BDSM when the cops knock on the door. It’s quite a bit worse to be here on a tourist visa when the sexual experiment goes bad.

The one other problem is that, despite what American men surveyed by MissTravel.com might think, Irish girls tend to be on the hot side, possibly because of the accent…possibly because they’re actually hot. They should easily be in the top 10 sexiest, probably in the top 5. So an Irish guy coming stateside for the first time might arrive to wonder why he’d travelled 3000 miles to meet uglier women who demand spankings.

Of course, if they’re lucky, they’ll be able to make it to Newport’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, have a mind-blowingly good time and escape back home with little to no regrets.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Sexiness Correspondent


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