Why Is Facebook Suggesting That We Friend Gay Pornographers?

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Our “People You May Know” has turned into a bowlful of dicks…and we need everyone’s help to stop it.

We spend a lot of time on Facebook, because it’s part of our job to be on Facebook. As such, we’re probably a little more sensitive to “glitches in the Matrix”…though this one is a little hard to miss. There’s nothing like scrolling down your feed and Facebook just tossing up a pic of a massive dong and asking “Hey, does this look familiar?”

Gay Facebook Friend Suggestions2

As best as we can tell, they’re all spam accounts, recently created with 40-100 recently acquired friends in India or the Middle East, which are probably fake too. Gay Facebook Friend Suggestions

What we don’t understand is why Facebook, instead of enforcing its TOS, is bringing this pornographic spam out to us, given that we don’t even live in the same country, or in some cases, use the same alphabet, as these fake accounts.

The only possibility is that we have one Facebook friend who apparently accepted a request from somewhere in this nest of spammers and now everyone that person knows is getting bombarded with this crap.

The good news is that Facebook has generally had a pretty good history in its battle against spam. After all, it’s the spammers that historically kill social networks. Facebook does its best to make sure that accounts are authentic. Unfortunately, the way it does this is to look at the connections a new account makes. If the account just friends new accounts, it’s a red flag. If the account is connected to “real” people and “real” pages, then Facebook has a harder time determining if it’s a genuine newcomer…or one of 300 accounts someone just created so they can sell “Likes” on Fiverr.

So if you’re a lonely guy and you get a friend request from what looks like a 20-years old supermodel with 25 friends, don’t accept it. It’s not real. Beautiful women don’t graduate high school without 500 or so friends. The only people who really have just 25 friends are older. Much older. And they don’t show off their genitalia on the Web.

So everyone, please band together, report accounts that look fake and hopefully we can avoid this experience in the future.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Social Media Correspondent

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