Why It Sucks To Be A Single Woman

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Sad Girl

And why married life probably isn’t going to be much better.

Are you a young, college-educated woman who just can’t seem to land yourself a man? It turns out that you’re not alone.

In a new book, Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game, author Jon Birger spends a whole lot of time using charts and math to explain to women why they’re still single.

The central premise is that people want to have relationships with people with similar education-levels…but in recent decades, women have been graduating from college at far higher rates than men have, leading to an imbalance.

Gender imbalances create different distortions based on whether they swing towards men or women. When there are more men than women, it creates a more monogamous culture, as women can find high quality men and keep them. When there are more women than men, you get what’s been coined “hook-up” culture. Guys get to play the field because women are in competition for them.

Currently, for every five college-educated women in their 30s, there are four men…and it’s getting worse as you get younger. There are four women for every three guys in their 20s.

The whole situation is turning everything on its head. Women are delaying marriage and childbirth to get their educations and establish their careers. While they’re doing that, men are extending their adolescence, devoting their lives to playing Playstations, watching sports and getting drunk/high on what’s around. Women, for their part, are either joining in the fun or hitting the Chardonnay while doting on their ever growing collection of cats.

So if a young (or young-ish) woman manages to beat the odds and convince a gentleman that he’d like to put two months’ salary on her finger, there’s a whole different can of worms awaiting her…


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